CI Server

The DARIAH-DE Continuous Integration Server provides access to build tools of the DARIAH-DE infrastructure.

  • Jenkins

    The Jenkins CI server is used to continuously build and test the various software components.

  • Sonarqube

    Sonarqube performs static code analysis to identify common pitfalls in software development.

  • weblate


    through Weblate DARIAH users can help translate DARIAH tools and services into their own languages.

  • debian package repo

    Debian Repository

    The system packages installed on DARIAH servers are managed with Aptly.

  • vagrant up

    Vagrant boxes

    The DARIAH infrastructure is powered by virtual machines, similar to those provided as Vagrant VirtualBox images.

  • eXist-repo

    eXist-db public repo

    Public Repository for eXist-db compatible EXPath Packages.